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Wah Lung is a Canadian-owned and operated group specializing in label, tag, and trim products. Our team is comprised of passionate leaders and professionals united through our shared investment in the integrity of each client’s brand story, resulting in valuable and prompt customer service, insight, and support. As a fully vertically integrated producer, we’re able to serve the client throughout the entire brand packaging and supply chain process, from conceptual design to manufacture to distribution logistics. Over a quarter century of supplying the domestic market and developing an international network of industry partners enables us to offer extremely competitive pricing, consistent high quality, and minimal lead time on an extensive product range.


Wah Lung Labels dates back as far as 1962 as a small garment labelling shop in Hong Kong. Recognizing the need for a designated label supplier to better serve the North American textiles market, the Canadian headquarters and manufacturing plant for Wah Lung Labels was established in 1992 in Ontario, Canada. This immediately enabled domestic garment manufacturers to significantly minimize turnaround time and thus improve overall production efficiency. Since then, Wah Lung has evolved into a global player with sales offices and production facilities across Canada, China, Bangladesh, and India. Throughout these decades of growth, the focus and passion have always been greater than the small tag in itself - based on a principle of committed branding partnerships and dedicated supply chain relationships. 


To provide outstanding service and production quality

To achieve the highest customer satisfaction in the industry

To maintain exceptional communicative and operational efficiency

To operate in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner

To conduct, at all times, with professionalism, honesty, and integrity


Wah Lung is an environmentally and socially responsible organization that strives for long-term economic growth that works hand-in-hand with communities and the environment. Corporate social responsibility is an essential component of our continued growth and success. This includes our commitment to environmental protection through responsible sourcing and waste reduction and management, and our commitment to social compliance through ethical trading guidelines and health and safety standards.

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