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Creating an Identity: 8 Modern Logo Design Tips for Your Clothing Labels

8 Modern Logo Design Tips for Your Clothing Labels

Want your clothing labels to make a big impression? You have to have a killer logo. Read on for some modern logo design tips.

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Do you want to use modern logos in your clothing labels? Looking for tips on how to create an interesting modern logo design? You came to the right place.

The value of the global fashion industry is around $3 trillion, taking up 2% of the world’s GDP. With millions in the labor force of the industry, there are always more looking to use the products. In a race for sales, manufacturers must make everything in their products interesting.

The logo designing process is different for everyone. Still, you could always use knowledge from other sources. Below, we’ll show you 8 tips on how you can create modern clothing tag logos.

1. Throw Yourself into The Brand

Research is one way to get inspired for clothing designs and their modern logos. What if you don’t have the means to conduct research? What if you still have time before you need to turn in an inspired clothing label design?

If you need to find inspiration for your design, try to brainstorm words that describe your brand. Take inspirations from your brand. What other modern logos can you use on clothing labels in response or complement your brand logo?

One of the benefits of in-house manufacturing allows you to react to little details on the product. It’s a great thing to have when you want full responsibility. If you don’t like how the product is looking, you have control over how you can change it faster.

2. Choose Colors that Reflect Your Brand

When you’re creating logos, it’s important to pay attention to color. Any logo design tutorial center will tell you that color plays a central factor for the brand. For clothing labels, the fact remains.

If you can work with more than the typical black clothing tag color, why stop at black? Think of the clothes’ tones that work along with logo colors. Choose a palette that will work with a line or collection.

3. Consider the Space Around Your Logo

Clothing tags are almost always smaller than your palm. It’s important you make use of all the space that you can. Or, you can also find a creative way to use the space around your logo without compromising good design.

If you have small logos, doing the typical center positioning is all right. Or, you can choose to make use of negative space in your logos to make them unique. Remember that in other cases, using the space around your logo is impractical.

4. Pick Versatile Color Options

Don’t underestimate the importance of a versatile color scheme. Take Coca-Cola’s text logo for example. Can you imagine a background color in which the logo color won’t match?

It won’t match a lot of background colors if we’re talking about its traditional red text. Yet, we can still imagine the font color adapting a white or black color to match any background. This is thanks to Coca-Cola’s flexible color options.

When you create a logo for a clothing label, consider different color options too. You’re not always limited to white tags. When you create logos for anything, make sure you have color options for dark and light backgrounds.

5. Appreciate Custom Typography

What kind of text logo ideas do you have? Are you planning on using wordmarks, letter marks, or other kinds of logo design types? If you have logos that have text on them, it’s smart to use custom fonts or typography.

Memorable and distinctive fonts are great features of good logo design. Although the internet offers a lot of free fonts, it’s always better to pay for custom lettering. It makes your logo more identifiable and it keeps plagiarists away.

Unique fonts make brands distinguishable. They used familiar typefaces in different words. Even then, your mind can still come up with the brand they originated from.

6. Form Scalable Modern Logo Designs

When you make logos in Photoshop, you want to ensure their scalability. The reason is that you often put logos on different surfaces and platforms. For clothing labels, it may seem like the scale won’t change much.

Did you know that manufacturers prefer custom labels? This means they like fabric labels, clothing tags, and more label kinds. Many labels and tags have their own dimensions.

You need to make scalable designs for different-sized label possibilities.

7. Create Mind Maps or Mood Boards

This tip focuses more on the creation process of logos. When you begin designing a logo, you need to gather inspiration. It’s rare that inspiration comes to you in a single instance.

You create logos by taking inspiration from more than one thing or experience. To keep track with this, you can build a mind map or mood board. This way, you help yourself get back in the flow your inspiration was leading you whenever you return to the project.

8. Make More Than One Iteration

Like the previous one, this tip also focuses on the logo creation process. In designing a logo, your design might branch from your original design into several others. Save all your sketches and return to them later.

This way, when you end up in a dead end with one “branch”, you can go back to the fork. You could take the other “branch” and improve that one. This will help you find the best possible outcome from your many designs.

Do this also with your final design: create other variations of it. Play with similar fonts, colors, and positions. Although the final decision lies with you, don’t forget to ask others for feedback.

Start Designing Memorable Logos

That’s it for our 8 tips for modern logo designs for clothing labels.

Don’t take up the mindset that clothing tags are a small part of the product and are unimportant. Quality labels give customers a reason to think you take the business seriously. Remember, it’s your still creativity that will make clothing label logos distinguishable.

Looking for where to get labels woven or printed on your products? Wah Lung Labels creates custom fabric labels and more for all textile products. Get in touch and let us help.

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