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Regardless of your experience, we’ll make developing labels easy with our friendly dedicated customer service team.  Even if it’s your first time creating a label for your brand, we’ll ensure you’re delighted with the results.  Our head office in Richmond Hill, ON can help you in French or English during local business hours.  Our office in Hong Kong can also communicate with your vendors during their local business hours to ensure seamless workflow.


Have a great idea and not sure how to put it to paper?  No problem!  We have a dedicated graphic design team to translate your ideas into reality.  We’re capable of simple jobs like replicating a sample you bring in, to the more difficult ones like creating a label from scratch.  Just bring in your ideas and company logo; we'll take care of the rest.


A common concern with producing overseas is quality.  We believe once you’ve confirmed a sample, you shouldn’t have to worry about your production arriving with inconsistent results. Our quality management system has gone under rigorous testing for this accreditation and excelled while staying in line with our commitment to price, lead time and our environmental initiatives.


Wah Lung owns factories in India, China, and Bangladesh which enables us to provide low shipping costs and speedy delivery.  Having our factories produce the labels in the country of your garment’s origin can greatly reduce front-end costs.  With bigger orders, we can also stock a portion of your labels until they’re needed, saving you precious warehouse space and lead-time.

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