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Why Clothing Manufacturers Prefer Custom Fabric Labels

Unlike printed options, custom fabric labels look more polished and last longer. Keep on reading to learn why many brands prefer woven clothing labels.

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Cloth labels have been around since the 14th century, and textile manufacturers used them as a staple in the 19th and 20th century as an advertisement. The labels were actually made of paper but were works of art, often lithographs! They did their advertising job well because they stood out and caught your eye.

Today, custom fabric labels in garments have the same effect: gorgeous, high-quality, eye-catching brand advertising. They are the favorite of most brands, from high-end fashion houses to mass-produced brands like Disney. Even small indie houses and designers use this method. 

Keep reading to find out why so many brands choose woven custom clothing labels and how they can work for you to make your brand stand out.

Woven Cloth Label Basics

Woven labels are tailor-made, sewn labels that use delicate, paper-thin thread on a cloth to create intricate lettering, logos, and designs. The yarn/thread is dense and of high quality. They are the most popular label in the fashion industry for garments and clothing as well as other fabric products, such as handbags, rugs, and backpacks, to name a few. 

Damask is the most popular type of woven custom clothing labels. Satin and taffeta are also materials used for clothing labels

Damask Clothing Labels

Made of silk, cotton, or linen, Damask is patterned fabric. It has the highest of the thread counts and, therefore, is great for showing off the details in design and lettering to better show off your brand. It also boasts plenty of colors and great durability so it can survive the laundry. 

​Satin and Taffeta Clothing Labels

Great for delicate garments, satin in clothing labels is actually satin polyester woven of silk or rayon used for the backing. The design often uses damask thread and limits color and detailing.

​Less expensive than the others but also thicker, taffeta consists of polyester thread with a stiff but glistening look. Damask threads are great for the design here too. 

Great for Customization

Fashion brands love woven custom fabric labels because they let you show off your brand by sewing your brand identity into a gorgeous label. Customers immediately know it's you because you can customize colors of the backing and threads. You can customize the design to show off your logo or lettering or some version of it. 

Your label can be so attractive that it can lure customers in!

Great for Branding and Advertising

Thanks to the ability to customize with woven labels, you have built-in advertising and branding right in your label. Like for the textile manufacturers in the past, people tend to flock to brands they know.

Brand recognition is key. Woven labels give you yet another way to voice your identity and brand individuality. They connect with and stand out to customers as they peruse your wares. People love to wear brands they identify with and trust.

Woven labels have a polished, professional look that helps build that trust. Since you can customize in exact detail with color and thread design, you maintain consistency in look and feel which also builds trust. 

Also, you can place labels in different spots besides inside the neck. Labels on the outside of a garment or tote or backpack shout your brand to the world and give you an automatic, simple advertising tool.

Quality of Custom Fabric Labels

Custom clothing labels give you a polished and professional look. They last longer than other labels and won't fade like heat press labels.

The beautiful texture of these clothing labels is eye-catching. Customers automatically know this is a higher quality label and brand, which adds value to your garment or other product. This is why they are the most popular labels for high-end houses. 

Create layers of texture with threads and fabric and add an individual finish that will stand out. 

So Many Uses and so Many Looks

As mentioned, woven clothing labels aren't only for clothing. You can use them on many other products to identify them as your brand, add value, build trust, and let customers know this is a high-quality item. 

Use woven labels for garments, as well as handbags, totes, slippers, blankets, bedding, rugs, towels, table clothes, window coverings, backpacks, socks. Use them inside and outside!

Woven labels come in so many shapes, sizes, and folds. Here are a few to know.

Center Fold Labels

The top and bottom are sealed and the label folded in the middle. They give you a lot of space to add information and design. 

Flat Labels

These sit flush on your clothing or other product with defined outer edges. These are favorite for collars. 

End Fold Labels

These sit flat on your garments or other product but also have a nice finished seam on both ends, giving the label a bit of flair. 

Mitre Fold Labels

These are great if you want to hang a garment or other light-weight product like a hand towel, washcloth, or silk robe, from a hook. They boast ends that flip over and go up at a 90-degree angle

Book Fold Labels

Also called "hem tags," they have the center-fold style but the seam goes in. These are really common with ready-to-wear clothing. What's nice is you can design both sides and both are visible. 

Business Perks

By design, labels offer marketing perks as mentioned with instant branding and advertising sewn into your products. The high-quality and brand-consistent look they provide also adds value to your products as they shout professionalism and trustworthiness.

Another perk is that they can help you establish your trademark if you're a new business as they show how you're using your brand logo on the market.

Show Off Your Style With Custom Fabric Labels

Custom fabric labels let your brand shine and express your individuality and identity. And they look amazing and say high-quality garment here!

Ready to give it a go? Contact us so we can take a look at what you're thinking and help you pick design, colors, backing, and size.

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